Credit Rating Advisory With Experienced Consultants

In current economic scenario, having healthy credit rating is very important, as it effects both cost of borrowing (Interest Cost) and also availability finance. Both of these factors has significant impact on profitability and business operation of an organization.  

We understand the significance of credit rating and therefore, we provide comprehensive rating consulting services in order to secure and maintain the best credit ratings and thereby the optimizing the cost of funding.  With our thorough understanding of credit rating processes, we could provide complete solutions to credit rating needs of our client.

Why you Need it?

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Our Key Role

We strongly recognize that the credit rating is not a onetime exercise but its an a long term and ongoing process. We play a key role in further upgrade in the credit rating by undertaking periodic review of financial statements, to suggest you measures to strengthen your financial statements. This process not only help in External credit rating undertaken by rating agencies but also help clients in improving their bank’s Internal Credit Rating, which is very crucial for interest reduction and sanctioning of bank facilities at favorable terms.

Our aim is to go the extra mile to provide concrete and sustainable credit rating solution to our clients.